Vanessa "Artemis" Marconi



Metatype: Ork (Satyr)
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Current Karma: 9 (7 earned)
Current Street Cred: 1
Current Notoriety: 2
Current Public Awareness: 1
BOD: 6
AGI: 6 (9)
REA: 5 (9)
STR: 3 (5) 7
CHA: 3
INT: 4
LOG: 3 (5)
WIL: 3
EDG: 2
Ini: 9(12)
InP: 3
ESS: 0.375
Nuyen: 0
Debt Remaining: 25,300

Implanted Commlink (Novatech Airware w Iris Orb 3/3/3/3)
Voice Modulator
Move-by Wire 2
Muscle Augmentation 2
Muscle Toner 3
Cerebral Booster 2
Sleep Regulator
Nanohive 2
Radar Sensor 4
Universal Nantidotes 6
Neocortical Amplifiers 2

Firearms (Group) 4
Athletics (Group) 2
Close Combat (Group) 1
Hardware 2
Etiquette 1
Leadership 1
Negotiation 1
Mechanic (Group) 1
Outdoors (Group) 1
Infiltration 2
Armorer 3
Demolitions 3
Heavy Weapons 1
Gunnery 1
Dodge 2 (+2 from Move-by-Wire)
Perception 3
Pilot Ground Craft 2
Throwing Weapons 1
Archery 2
Chemistry 2

Knowledge Skills:
English N
German 1
French 1
Italian 1
Spanish 1
Greek 1

Security Procedures 3
Corporate Procedures 3
Economics 3
Business 4
Military 3
Security Design 3

Positive Qualities:
Born Rich
Restricted Gear x 3

Negative Qualities:
SINner (Standard)
In Debt (20000 to Amazonian Smugglers, with repay of 30000)
Wanted (Bounty on head from the father of the Butter Bar she killed)


Master Sergeant Andrew “Fingers” McLeary (Merc Supply Sergeant 5/4)
Tito “The Suit” Sanchez (Fixer 2/3)
“Uncle” Vanya Petrovich (Corporate Manager 6/5)

HK 227X w/ 3 spare clips

Colt M23 w/ 3 spare clips
-Gas-Vent 3
-Internal Smartgun
-Underslung Grenade Launcher w/ airburst link
-Sound suppressor

Ares Light Fire 70 w/ 3 spare clips
-Custom Silencer
-Internal Smartgun
-Hidden Gun Arm Slide

Morrissey Elan w/ 3 spare clips
-Internal Smartgun
-Concealable Holster

Walther Secura Smartgun Version w/ 6 spare clips
-Quick Draw Holster

Franchi SPAS-22

Ares Desert Strike w/ 3 spare clips

Collapsible Bow Rating 5


Ceramic Knife

Cougar Fineblade (Short)

2 Flash Bangs

2 Frag Grenades

2 HE Grenades


300 Rounds Standard
38 Rounds Flechette
100 Rounds Gel
40 Rounds SnS
20 Arrows
20 Arrows Barbed
20 Arrows SnS

Armor (18/16):
Heavy Military Armor
-Military Helmet with 5/5/5/5 Comlink
-Analyze 4
-Browse 4
-Command 2
-Edit 4
-Strength Upgrade 2
-Quick Release
-Flotation System
-Chemical Protection 6
-Fire Resistant 6
-Insulation 6
-Nonconductivity 6
-Image Link
-Vision Enhancement 3
-Vision Magnification
-Flare Compensation 3
-Audio Enhancement 3
-Spatial Recognizer

Armored Vest (6/4)

Commlink: 3/3/3/3
-Analyze 4
-Browse 4
-Command 2
-Edit 4

*Gear: *
Demolitions Kit
Hardware Kit
Armorer Kit
Chemistry Kit
Fake SIN (4) : Athena Nikea (More details to follow eventually)
Medkit R6
Fake License 4: Concealed Carry Permit
Fake License 4: Armor Permit
Fake License 4: Weapons Permit
Fake License 4: Cyberware/Bioware Registration
Real SIN and Licenses from time with Mercs
Disposable Comlink
Rating 2 Tacsoft
20 One Use Commcodes
5 Blasting Caps
10 meters of Det Cord
5 kg of Commercial Explosives
5 Radio Detonators
Survival Kit
Rappelling Gloves
Microwire (100 m)
Flashlight (Low-light)
Climbing Gear
Monofilament Chainsaw
AR Gloves
Satellite Link
Subvocal Mike
Sim Module



Vanessa Marconi was born on April 21st, 2054 into an upper class family of Greek and Italian descent, and has been a corporate citizen since birth. Her father, Konstantine, and mother, Giana, both work for Proelium Industries, an “A” Corporation based out of Zurich. Her father is in the head of Hedge Fund Management in the banking arm, while her mother heads up an R&D division. Growing up, Konstantine spoiled his little girl, all the while grooming her to take a full time job with Proelium after she finished school. Vanessa went to a well known private school in Geneva, before moving back to Zurich where she double majored in business and applied military sciences. In school, she was on the marksmanship team, as well as the fencing team and archery team, where she picked up the nickname Artemis. She also loved to tinker with equipment, and her dorm was commonly strewn with the disassembled components of some gizmo or another.

After graduating with honors, Vanessa spent 6 months in officer school before taking a posting as a 2nd Lieutenant with Firetide Direct Actions Group, the mercenary arm of Helvetic Security Solutions, and corporate grandchild of Proelium. From there, she spent her next 6 years fighting against Aztechnology backed forces in Amazonia, eventually working her way up to Captain of Omega Company, 2nd Battalion, 753rd Light Infantry Regiment (Air Assault).

On a routine patrol through the jungle, Vanessa caught the command squad of one of her platoons torturing a local family to death. When the squad refused surrender themselves and stand trial for war crimes, Vanessa had no choice but to order her soldiers to fire upon them. The local family was saved, but that incident would torpedo Vanessa’s career. The Lieutenant that was killed in the fight was the nephew of a big wig, Franz Schliemann in Proelium, and he took it upon himself to get Vanessa court-martialed.

2 months of military prison followed for Vanessa and her personal squad. The trial lasted for 14 days and saw Vanessa vindicated. However, she and her squad were forced to take an honorable discharge from Firetide. Schliemann put a price on all of there heads immediately following this, and 6 of the 10 squad members were killed in hits within 24 hours. One of the survivors, MSGT McLeary arranged for the rest of them to be smuggled back to Europe with their equipment by freighter. The secret nature of the transit and the necessary confinement to shielded containers robbed Vanessa of some of her conditioning and skills. When she arrived in Great Britain, she and McLeary went to ground in London, while the squad hacker, Digger, and the company intelligence officer, Eyes, sneaked back into Switzerland to try to find an opening to take out Schliemann.

Vanessa is now lying low in London, living on her fake SIN and rooming with a Neoteny with memory problems named Song.

Physical Appearance
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 70 kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

Vanessa is an average looking girl. Well, once you get past the goat-like legs and the horns, that is. She’s got shoulder length, jet black hair that she normally keeps in a ponytail, olive skin, and hazel eyes. She’s well toned and somewhat wiry. She normally wears urban pattern combat fatigues, complete with several pistols, knife, and officer’s rapier. but she’s still got a few dresses and pantsuits from college, plus her old uniforms. When on the job, Vanessa dons her old military combat armor, which turns her into quite an imposing figure. Her armor is matte black, with navy blue accent marks, a crimson visor, and crimson horns. On top of this is plenty of black combat webbing, festooned with all sorts of pockets for gear, ammo, explosives, and tools. She has her Cougar Fineblade strapped to her left shoulder, her bow on her back, and her Walther across her chest. The only insignia on her armor is a bow knocked with an arrow on her right shoulder pad.

Although she grew up wanting for nothing, Vanessa never developed a sense of entitlement like so many of her peers. She knows the value of hard work, and that there is no such thing as a free lunch. A methodical thinker, she is more comfortable with planning and setting up for one precision strike to solve a problem instead of shooting everything that moves and asking questions later. She is ferociously loyal to her friends, and reserved but polite among those she doesn’t know. She has a strong sense of morality when it comes to things she will and won’t do, but only time will tell if the shadows blur the line between right and wrong now that she needs the money to pay off her debts and start planning her revenge, all why staying one step ahead of the bounty hunters she knows are after her.

Lifestyle: Middle
Cost: 4400 per month (*.55 for one roommate)
Comforts: 3
Entertainment: 2
Necessities: 3
Neighborhood: 2
Security: 2
Positive qualities: Aspected Domain
Negative qualities: Network Bottleneck, Defective CHN, Green Plan

Your average apartment in one of the only slightly run down sections of the East End; the infrastructure is only a little bit decayed, the electronics are a little slow and the CHN is on the fritz (most likely as the result of the unstable power supply from the wind and solar generators on the roof).

Master Sergeant Andrew “Fingers” McLeary (Merc Supply Sergeant 5/4)
-Fingers was the supply sergeant for Artemis’ old mercenary company. A human male of Irish descent, if something has gone missing, and Andrew is within 10 miles, he probably lifted it. After the Amazonia incident, Fingers helped arrange the escape back to Europe and has gone to ground in London where he originally grew up. He is currently living on a Fake SIN and working for a subsidiary of Ares that provides military materiel and security services.

Tito “The Suit” Sanchez (Fixer 2/2)
-Tito is about as slippery and conniving as they come. An “old friend” from Vanessa’s college years, Tito is a member of an elven Spanish crime family that has gone semi-legit, trying to make a living at the border of the shadows as a go-between and facilitator. Just don’t ask too many questions. Tito is one of those guys where you are better off not knowing the answer.

“Uncle” Vanya Petrovich (Corporate Manager 6/5)
-“Uncle” Vanya and Vanessa go way back. He’s an old friend of her parents, was the best man at their wedding, and is Vanessa’s godfather. Ivan taught Vanessa a great many of the skills that she will soon be using to run the shadows. As a middle level manager for a London based company specializing in corporate espionage, Ivan is a great resource for information on a job, or even potential jobs themselves. Plus, he’ll probably pay pretty well for that stolen paydata too.

Vanessa "Artemis" Marconi

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