Brandy Green


2400 nuyen, 12 karma

Body: 3
Charisma: 6
Agility: 2
Intuition: 3
Reaction: 1
Logic: 4
Strength: 1
Willpower: 3
Resonance: 6
Passes 1
Phys Init. 4

Living Persona:
Firewall: 3
Response: 3(4)
Signal: 3
System: 4
Biofeedback Filter: 6
VR MAtrix Init.: 7
VR Matrix Init. Passes: 3

Available Sprites: Crack, Data, Machine, Paladin, Sleuth

Active Skills:
Hacking (exploit) 6 (2)
Registering (Machine Sprites) 4 (
Influence (Group) 1
Electronic Warfare 3
Gunnery (Ballistics) 4 (2)
Infiltration (Urban) 1 (
Pilot Ground Craft 1
Pilot Aircraft 1
Data Search 1
Software (Threading) 5 (2)
Compiling (Crack Sprites) 4 (

Knowlege Skills:
English N
German 3

Computer Theory 2
Hangouts (Matrix) 5
Procedure (Matrix Security) 4
Conspiracy Theories 3
Street Drugs 1
Matrix Trids 4
Parazoology 2
Pirate Trid Broadcasts 3
Procedure (Security) 4

Technomancer 10
Analytical Mind 10
Paragon (The Black Hat) (Crack Sprite) 10
Codeslinger (Hacking on the Fly) 20
Distinctive Style (2) -20
Media Junkie (Moderate) -20
Oblivious -10
Allergy (Uncommon, Mild) (ferrets) -10
Lost Loved One (Brother Jerry) -10

Complex Forms:
Analyze (Computer) 3
Command (misc.) 6
Exploit (Hacking) 6
Spoof (Hacking) 3
Stealth 6
Shielding 3

ECHOES: Macro, Immersion, Mind over Machine, Biowire, Widget Crafting

Meta Link running Vector Xim broadcasting my fake SIN
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body 6/2[3/1]
Leather Jacket 2/2 [2/2]
SecureTech Shin Guards 0/1[0/1]
SecureTech Vitals Protector 1/1[1/1]
Forearm Guards 0/1[0/1]

17 x Pepper Punch
10 x DMSO
10 x KE IV
Fake SIN (1-6) Rtg 3
Earbuds (1-3) Rtg 1 Audio Enhancements Rtg 3
Glasses (1-4) Rtg 1 Vision Enhancement Rtg 3

Medkit R (1-6) Rtg 6
Optical Tap
Satellite Link
4 x eX

Lone Star FlashFlood Water Gun (Mounted on Roto-Drone)
Ares S-II Super Squirt (Mounted on Doberman)

GM-Nissan Doberman
Crawler,Chameleon Coating,Rigger Cocoon,Camera 2: (Vision Enhancement 3, Low-Light Vision),Camera 2: (Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification),Microphone: (Spatial Recognizer, Audio Enhancement 3),Laser Range Finder,Thermometric,Motion Sensor, Mount 1 (External,Fixed,Remote), Super Squirt

GMC Bulldog Step-van:
Camera 3: (Vision Enhancement 3, Low Light Vision), Camera 3: (Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification), Rigger Cocoon, Mount 1 (External, Fixed, Remote)

MCT-Nissan Roto-drone:
Chameleon Coating, Camera 6: (Vision Enhancement 3, Low-light Vision), Microphone 6: (Spatial Recognizer, Audio Enhancement 3), Laser Range Finder, Motion Sensor, Camera 6: (Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification), Mount 1(External, Fixed, Remote).
Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly:
Chameleon Coating, Camera 6: (Vision Enhancement 3, Vision Magnification)

nazgul (software pirate) (Loy. 3 Con. 2)
ub3rm3nsch (hacking johnson) (Loy. 1 Con. 4)
Jeremiah Watson (fence) (Loy. 2 Con. 3)

Lifestyle: Middle
Comforts 2
Entertainment 1
Necessities 1
Neighborhood 1
Security 3
+Security Conscious 2
+Friendly Neighbors 1

Costs 2600/mo.


Brandy never knew her parents and was raised by her brother Jerry. Whenever the subject family was brought up, Jerry would deny them ever having any and the conversation would quickly end. Until she was 10 years old, Jerry managed to provide for both of them through some “job” that he’d never fully describe. He made enough money for them to eat, but not much else. They slept in abandoned buildings throughout West End, being careful to select secluded locations where they’d have their privacy; not all of the unofficial residents of West End had Brandy and Jerry’s best interests at heart.

When Brandy turned 10 she started panhandling to bring in some extra money. She quickly became a good talker and for the first time, her and Jerry had a few spare Nuyen. They decided to save up for a commlink so that they could see what the matrix was all about. They’d each get a few hours a day but Brandy started hogging it after a couple of months. Everything was so great in the matrix, she could pretend to be whomever she wanted. One time she pretended to be an Elven prince. She sent messages to 10000 random users with an incredibly fanciful story of love and betrayal inside of an invented kingdom, ending it with a plea for Nuyen so that the prince could rescue his princess. At the time, this was all for the lolz. She was amazed when nuyen actually started rolling in amidst a few thousand more or less angry messages telling her to stop phishing. She didn’t understand why people were bringing fish into this and thought everyone must have really really liked her story. Brandy also loved reading.

She’d never had books so all of the stories on the matrix were new and exciting. From the forums she trafficked She heard about secret documents locked inside of servers. To lock them so tightly away must have meant that they were more awesome than her own Elven prince story, which she found hard to believe. One night she was staring at a castle wall. There weren’t any doors and Brandy couldn’t figure out how to get in. A Knight in plate armor walked up to her side. He wasn’t an ordinary knight like she’d seen in encyclopedias on the matrix. Instead of a body there was just black smoke. The Knight looked at her, took a few steps forward and placed his hand on the wall. A portcullis appeared and it’s gate lifted. She curtsied and thanked the Knight, asking him his name. “Crack” the Knight replied as he began to vanish. Walking into the castle, she saw chest after chest filled to the brim with books. She picked one up titled “Lyonesse” but by the time she could open it, a palace guard was shouting at her.

She woke up, sweating and passed it off as a wild dream. The next morning her usual forums were buzzing with reports of an unknown hacker breaking into a government node and reading secret documents about some strange glowing island. She never made the connection but gradually more Knights started appearing and the Matrix started inking itself into the rest of her life. Castles with huge libraries were everywhere and people would pay her to borrow their books inside. Brandy and Jerry had moved into an apartment on her 15th birthday. It was a mediocre place to call home, but the neighbors were nice and there were several locks on the door, both things they’d never had. At this point, how could life get any better?

When she was 17, her brother told her that after his next job they’d be able to live wherever they wanted. He left the next morning, giving Brandy a hug and kiss goodbye. For some reason, as oblivious as she is to the rest of the world, she knew he’d never come back.

She started breaking into castles for the lolz. She missed Jerry and began doing shadier and shadier hacks as a result.

She’s 19 now and he still hasn’t come home. Maybe next year.

Physical Description:
IRL: 5’4", skinny, blonde scraggly hair, brown eyes. pale complexion, hipster clothes (i.e. thick rimmed black glasses, over sized sweaters, skirts, and slippers)

Teh Matrix: Renaissance/Anime dresses, black top hat at all times. nodes are castles; the more ridiculous and complex the node, the more ornate the castle. Sprites look like knights. Renaissance theme.

Personality: Goofy, friendly, and oblivious

Brandy Green

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