Kim Myung/Pidjin


Player: Dylan
Name: Kim Myung
Alias: Pidjin
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 37
Height: 5’8"
Movement Rate: 10/25 (20/50)

Current NuYen: 1602

Body: 3
Agility: 5 (7)
Reaction: 3 (5)
Strength: 5 (6)
Charisma: 7
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Edge: 3
Initiative: 7 (9)
Init. Passes: 1 (3)
Essence: 1.3
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 11
Lift/Overhead/Carry: 75 kg/25 kg/50 kg
Memory: 5

Athletics (group) 3
Influence (group) 4
Stealth (group) 3 (4 for infiltration, shadowing)
Dodge 2
Escape Artist 2
Forgery 2
Intimidation 2
Exotic Melee [elbow spurs] 4
Throwing Weapons 4 (cyber-implants)
Perception 3 (6)
Automotive Mechanic 2 (wheeled)
Pilot Ground Craft 3

English N
Sperethiel 3
Korean 4

Triads 1 (I)
Smuggling 5 (I)
Security Procedure 3 (I)
History 2 (L)
Urban Planning 3 (L)
Business 3 (L)
Tattoos & Piercings 3 (I)
Yoga 2 (I)

Ambidexterous (no penalty for off-hand weapons)
First Impression (2 on social tests in first encounter)
Speed Reading (800 words/5 seconds, Logic
Intuition (1) test to recall/find specific information)
Catlike (infiltration, shadowing +1)

Allergy: Lactose (uncommon, mild)
Day Job (1000Y/10 Hrs) [Courier Service, odd hours]
SINner (standard)
Big Regret (mother)

Sangre y Acero: +1 to cyber-implant attacks
Two-weapon Style
Finishing Move

Loyalty: 4
Connection: 1
Creole is Pidjin’s coworker at Pidjin & Creole’s Courier Service. He’s a troll with a bit of a Jamaican accent who retired from a life of running the shadows in the Caribbean. He doesn’t like to talk too much about his ‘past life,’ but his scars and ware tell a story of their own. Pidjin was one of the first people to befriend him upon his arrival to England, and he still values her as one of his closer chums.

Eddie Ink
Loyalty: 1
Connection: 2
Eddie runs a nanotat parlor, though he indulges those who want old-fashioned ink and piercings, and it’s said he can fit you up with some ’ware for the right price…
Pidjin worked under him in her younger years before she started her career in couriership, but despite any previous correspondence, the relationship between the two is strictly business. A lot of his clientele are low-ranking members of the old firms.

Rebecca Watts [fixer]
Loyalty: 2
Connection: 4
Rebecca is a friend of Pidjin who met her at a yoga class. She works for a word-of-mouth ad agency, and often helps Pidjin get clients for her courier service.

Wired Reflexes II
(2) Projectile Spur
(2) Cybergland
Customized Modular Obvious Lower Leg (left)
Strength 6
Agility 7 (9)

  • Large Smuggling Compartment
  • Biomonitor
  • Grip Feet
  • Hydraulic Jacks (rating 1)
    Agility +2

Customized Modular Obvious Lower Leg (right)
Strength 6
Agility 7 (9)

  • Large Smuggling Compartment
  • Grip Feet
  • Hydraulic Jacks (rating 1)
    Agility +2

Skimmer Discs (pair)

Model: Novatech Airware
OS: Renraku Ichi
Basic+ Program Suite
Response: 3
Signal: 3
Firewall: 2
System: 2
Analyze 3
Browse 3
Edit 3
Command 1

GMC Bulldog Stepvan

  • Smuggling Compartment (concealability -6)
  • Turbocharger 1
  • Run Flat Tires
    Body: 16
    Handling/Offroad: 0/0
    Acceleration: 5/10 (10/20)
    Speed: 90
    Armor: 8
    Pilot: 2
    Sensor: 1
    Firewall: 2
    Device Rating: 3
    System: 2
    Max Slots: 20
    Used Slots: 2

(Strength/2+3){6}P v. Impact
Attack with Agility+Exotic Melee+Martial Arts(Charging) = 54+1(2)=10(12)
Projectile Spur
7P v. Impact
Attack w/ Agility
Thrown Weapons = 5+4=9

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit+Helmet (6/8)

  • Nonconductivity 2
  • Fire-Resistant 2

Camouflage Suit (8/6)

  • Chemical Protection 2
  • Thermal Damping 2

Street Clothes

(10) Narcoject
Fake License 4 for Narcoject
Fake License 4 for
Fake License 4 for
Fake License 4 for
Contact Lenses 3

  • Image Link
  • Vision Magnification
  • Vision Enhancement 3
    Earbuds 3
  • Select Sound Filter 1
  • Audio Enhancement 2
    Grapple Gun
    100m Rope
    Gecko Tape Gloves
    Medkit 3

Middle (custom)
Comforts 2
Entertainment 2
Necessities 3
Neighborhood 2
Security 2
Inconspicuous Housing
Total Cost: 3800


Kim’s parents were born early in the awakening- Her mother, Jun Myung, was born in South Korea in 2012 and her father, Richard, in Liverpool in 2013. Her mother’s family immigrated to England in 2020 in order to live somewhere with a high elf population so that Jun would be able to grow up without being ostracized. Twelve years later, Jun and Richard met and fell in love while at college, as young folk are want to do. In 2035, Kim was born to the young couple, who had recently settled in the East End of London. Fearing a lifetime of commitment to a partner and child (which for an elf is quite a bit more time than for a human, ork, or troll), Richard left the mother and daughter when Kim was but two years old.

Jun never fully got over the feelings of abandonment created by the loss of her partner, and often projected her insecurities onto Kim during her upbringing. With only one source of income during Kim’s childhood, the two often teetered on the edge of poverty; though she always had a roof over her head, a bed to sleep in, and dinner on the table, Kim’s dinners were often pre-frozen EconoSoy, her roofs made of tin, and the beds were more often than not a couch or futon shared with her mother.

Once she was old enough to work (or rather, once the child labor laws were loosened enough to work) she started supplementing her mother’s income. After work, she would spend her afternoons and evenings exploring the alleyways and jumping the rooftops of the West End with her friends. These adventures proved useful when at the age of 15, as a delivery girl for a pizza shop, she got employee of the month five months in a row for extra-expedient delivery time, and quickly gained a reputation among customers, who would call in asking exclusively for “that cute elf girl what delivers pizzas so fast.”

She had learned to win people’s favor out of necessity: To survive living with a financially and emotionally unstable mother, Kim had to learn from a young age to tell Jun whatever it was she needed to hear – and do it convincingly. She honed these skills on her friends, coworkers, neighbors, customers, anyone who would listen. And while she had no qualms with conning some poor schmuck out of a couple quid, she found that a combination of charm, confidence, and a trustworthy attitude often got her further in the long run.

As Kim approached adulthood, her mother began to fear more and more that Kim would abandon her just as Richard had. This fear was intensified by Kim’s increasingly full work schedule, which she was managing in hopes of going to school for a business degree. The increased tension lead to an escalating series of fights, that finally cumulated in Kim running away for a week. Upon her return home, she found her mother hanging from a noose. Thinking that both her daughter and the love of her life had left her forever, Jun had decided to choose death over a life of grief.

It took five long, hard years for Kim to put herself back together after her mother’s suicide. Five years consisting of a day-to-day search for something to live for. One by one she quit or lost her jobs due to her depression and ennui. She turned to drugs and BTLs in an attempt to feel alive, and she turned to sex work and begging to feed her habits. Then on a warm summer evening of her twenty-second year, she got busted by a cop for prostitution. Letting some deeper instinct take over, she kicked off her heels and ran away, climbing over fences and up ladders in a desperate attempt to escape. When she finally stopped running, the was nary a patrolman in sight, and she found herself experiencing an endorphin rush entirely different from the highs of the drugs that she had developed a tolerance for. Her mind rushed back to her days working as a delivery girl, to playing with her friends, and how good it felt. This. Maybe this was something to live for.

Kim kicked her habits and took a number of jobs to put her through a series of business education courses. In her classes, she met Creole, who had recently emigrated from Jamaica. They bonded over their mutual hardships, and in 2063 they created their own courier business: Pidjin and Creole. As their business became known they began to receive jobs questionable legality or ones that required higher security than Creole was capable of supplying on his own. For these reasons, Kim, now known as Pidjin to most, got a number of ‘business assets’ implanted – namely her cyberlegs and elbow spurs. Creole taught her a fighting style that he had picked up in Aztlan that would allow her to make the most of her cybernetics. In addition to her primary business, Pidjin also took on some odd jobs, some more legal than others, in order to pay the bills. These days, however, it seems like these jobs are taking up more and more of her time, and supplying more and more of her income…

Kim Myung/Pidjin

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