Song Moore


Metatype: Ork (Neoteny)
Sex: Female
Age: 12+
Current Karma: 0
BOD: 4
AGI: 4
REA: 2(3)
STR: 3
CHA: 3
INT: 3
LOG: 5(7)
WIL: 4
EDG: 3
MAG: 5
Ini: 5(6)
InP: 2
ESS: 5.000
Synaptic Booster 1
Cerebral Booster 2

Spellcasting (Detection) 3(2)
Assensing (Aura Reading) 3(
Summoning (Man) 3(2)
Counterspelling 3
Perception(Visual) 3(
Dodge (Ranged) 3(2)
First Aid 3(
Hardware 3(1)
Demolitions 3(
Infiltration (Urban) 3(2)
Longarms 3
Armorer 3(
Con (Fast Talk) 2(2)
Palming (Ledgermain) 1(
Artisan (Drawing) 1(+2)

Knowledge Skills:
English N
Gaelic 2
Parazoology (Toxic Critters) 2(3)
Architecture 3(
Criminal Orgs. (Britain) 3(2)
Biology (Developmental) 4(
Security (Surveillance) 3(1)
British Regional (Politics) 3 (
Eurozone Regional 2
Public Transport (London) 2(2)
Charity Orgs. (Children) 2(
Geography (Cartography) 1(+2)

(Fetish: White Stone Tablet inscribed with Norse Rune Isa)
Analyze Device
Mana Window, Extended, Self
Astral Window, Extended, Self
Spatial Sense, Extended, Self
(Fetish:Celtic Trinity made from human hair)
Physical Mask
Trid Phantasm
(Fetish: A fragment of clear glass etched with the symbol of a NAND gate)
Detect Enemies, Extended, Self
(Fetish: Fused steel washers in the shape of I-ching hexagram #33 “Retreat”)

Adept Powers:
Heightened Concentration (Talisman Geas: Eye of Horus formed from twisted gold wire)
Astral Perception (Talisman Geas: Eye of Horus formed from twisted gold wire)
Nimble Fingers
Attribute Boost [Agility]

Power Point

Positive Qualities:
Mystic Adept (Chaos Magic)
Mentor Spirit (Spider: +2 Illusion/Detection, Composure (3) to make quick decisions)

Negative Qualities:
Amnesia (Partial)
>Adams-Hoffman Logo
>Eye with Crepuscular rays

Doctor Wyatt Holiday— Street Doc; L4 C2
Leslie Atkinson— Fixer; L2 C2

Defiance T-520 (Short Barrel Version)
>Personalized Grip
>Internal Smartgun System
>>Smartgun Upgrade: Ultrasound
>Easy Breakdown (Powered)

Ares Desert Strike
>Underbarrel Smartgun System
>>Vision Magnification
>Personalized Grip
>Easy Breakdown (Powered)

Remington 990
>Underbarrel Smartgun System
>Personalized Grip

Renraku Stormcloud
>Sensor Upgrade 6
>Targetting 3 (Heavy Weapons)
>Flexible Weapon Mount
>>ArmTech MGL-12 Grenade Launcher
>>>Smartgun System
>>>Reduced Weight
>>>Additional Clip
>>>Airburst Link

80xStick-n-Shock (Shotgun)
40xShock Lock (Shotgun)
10xRFID rounds (Shotgun)
26xExEx rounds (Sniper Rifle)
52xGel rounds (Sniper Rifle)
12xRFID rounds (Sniper Rifle)

Armor (10/10):
Form Fitting Body Armor
>Chem Protection 6
Steampunk Corset/Blouse
>Nonconductive 6
SecureTech Upper Arm, Upper Leg, Vitals, and Shin Guards

Commlink: 3/3/3/4

Gizzik (Agent 4)
Analyze 4
Browse 6— Optimization 2
Command 6 – Optimization 2
Encrypt 4
Edit 6 – Optimization 2
Scan 4
Armor 3
Exploit 5 – Optimization 1, Mute
Nuke 4 – Targetting
Spoof 5— Optimization 1
Stealth 5— Optimization 1

Demolitions Kit
Hardware Kit
Armorer Kit
Chemistry Kit
Fake SIN (4)
Illusion Fetish
Combat Fetish
Detection Fetish
Detection Fetish
Medkit R6
>Vision Enhancement 3
>Vision Magnification
>Low Light
Contact Lenses (2)
>Flare Compensation
>Image Link
Little Smoke
5 x Psyche
5 x Stimulant Patch R6
Fake License 4: Magic Practitioner
Fake License 4: Weapons Permit
Fake License 4: Bioware Registration
Autopicker R6
Mage Sight Goggles
4 x Flash-Bang Grenade
4 x Thermal Smoke Grenade
4 x Pepper Punch Chemical Grenades
Magical Lodge Materials R6


Lifestyle: Middle
Cost: 4400 per month
Comforts: 3
Entertainment: 2
Necessities: 3
Neighborhood: 2
Security: 2
Positive qualities: Aspected Domain
Negative qualities: Network Bottleneck, Defective CHN, Green Plan

Your average apartment in one of the only slightly run down sections of the East End; the infrastructure is only a little bit decayed, the electronics are a little slow and the CHN is on the fritz (most likely as the result of the unstable power supply from the wind and solar generators on the roof).

Character History:
Song’s memory begins with being lifted from the sidewalk in a cacophony of screams. Doctor Holiday, freshly arrived to the East End with a charity clinic, had lifted her from the ground along the edge of the Thames, across from the LCZ; the screaming was her own. A few days later she had acquired a few more memories of the inside of a medical clinic. She had learned a few things too. She was older than she looked. She could use magic. She could shoot a gun. And there was something wrong with her brain. Every part of her brain seemed to have been poked or prodded in some way. Increased number of cortical ridges enlarged visual cortex, neocortical growth, brain stem elongation, pituitary scarification, synaptic sheath modification, and hippocampus stripping. She was smart, very smart, but her brain had frozen her body’s growth. She was trapped in the body of an 8 year old, biological age unknown. Song spent a year working security and triage in the clinic before she made the connections for a fake SIN. No one would believe that her biological age far exceeded what it appeared, and that her mental maturity exceeded that even further. Her personal estimate was an age in the late twenties or early thirties. For the past five years she has worked in the shadows, struggling to deal with nightmares and flashbacks of sterile rooms and children screaming.

Doctor Wyatt Holiday; L4 C2
Dr. Holiday is the local street doc. His clinic is mainly reliant on charitable donations from the upper members of London society—so there isn’t much. Nevertheless, Holiday isn’t above charging the more successful members of the criminal class for his medical services while trying to serve the local SINless. It was Holiday who originally found the unconscious Song outside the walls of the Unreal City and the two have been close ever since.

Leslie Atkinson—Journalist/Infobroker; L2 C2
In the world of reporting there are a few shining lights, Leslie is not one of them. While she might once have been the spitting image of a bright eyed reporter bent on exposing the dark sanctums of crime, politics, and business, she has spent far too long interfacing with the shadows. While she maintains a low level position at the Daily Mail her journalistic credentials are mostly used to move information through the shadows. If you need the latest gossip or the newest dirt in the area, Leslie is your girl—for a price.

Physical Description:
Height: 1.1m
Weight: 36 Kg
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel

Song wears a leather clockwork vest covered in brass, gold, and steel gears, levers, springs, and metallic shapes representing physical icons from numerous world religions and occult philosophies, the latest in trashy teen fashion. The fabric is wired to her PAN to provide a small degree of mobility for some of the gears and the appearance of motion in the outfit is augmented with subtle AR displays. The wiring of the fabric is coated in electrical insulating fibers wound tight to provide non-conductivity protection. The steampunk vest also conceals four sheaths that can contain material and provide a visibility modifier of -4, material stored in these pockets are treated as if stored in a quick-draw holster. Layered underneath is the real defensive meat, consisting of a form fitting suit of body armor in soot black, interwoven with a chemical protection weave. Song stores her commlink in a snap holster around her right thigh and connects to it via trode wires under the external clockwork.

Magical Philosophy:
Chaos Magic
Combat: Fire (Efreet)
Detection: Air (Sentient Clouds)
Health: Earth (Ground dwelling animals)
Illusion: Man (Angels)
Manipulation: Water (Small girls made of water)
Drain: Willpower + Logic

Magic in the 6th world is entirely personal. While others struggle to adapt modern mana flows to ancient occult traditions, and adapt traditions to meet the realities of an awakened world, chaos magic rejects structure for harsh practicalities. Without a firm memory of her original magical instruction, or even her own awakening, Song has been forced to construct her own rudimentary tradition from occult techniques gleaned from the Matrix and her contact with the street shamans of London. The result is completely devoid of greater spiritual meaning, but effective. Spirits manifest in a number of different forms and with different personalities, reflecting on the varied nature of reality itself. Song’s understanding of magic is self taught and the mix of different theologies has convinced her that their is an underlying structure. Her theory is that the symbolic powers of different traditions is entirely personal, coming about due to the interaction of her mental aura with the greater manasphere, and the sometimes perplexing requirements for spells and often variable appearance of spirits is a reflection of the complex process of interfacing a difficult human mind with a manafield constantly in flux.

Song Moore

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