Samantha "Valk" Powers

Mostly Cybered Combat Biker


Metatype: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Total Karma: 15
Street Cred: 3 (2 from Karma, 1 from Completing First Run
Notoriety: 3 (1 from addiction, +2 from failing jobs)
Public Awareness: 2

Current Karma: 15
Current Nuyen: 1550
Debt to repay: 27000

Physical Track: ?/17
Stun Track: ?
Unspent Edge: 2/6

BOD: 1 [ 7]
AGI: 1 [ 6]
REA: 5 [ 7]
STR: 1 [ 6]
CHA: 2
INT: 5 [ 4]
LOG: 5
WIL: 5 [ 6]
EDG: 6

Ini: 12
InP: 3
ESS: 0.310

Athletics 4
Close Combat 3
Automatics 4
Longarms (shotguns) 2
Stealth 2
Intimidation (physical) 1
Pilot Groundcraft (bikes) 3
Locksmith 1
Heavy Weapons 2
Perception (visual) 4
Hardware 1
Biotech 1
Automotive Mechanic (wheeled) 1

Knowledge Skills:
English N
French 3
Spanish 3
German 3
Italian 3
Popular Sports (combat biker) 4
Renraku Corp 3
London Police Procedure 2
London Politics 1
London Gangs (east end) 4
Vehicle Design (bikes) 3
English Law 2

Positive Qualities:
Born Rich
Black Market Pipeline (Wares)
Biocompatibility (Cyberware)
Restricted Gear (Pain Editor)

Negative Qualities:
In Debt (20,000 to Renraku)
Augmentation Addict
SINner (standard)

Martial Arts:
Tae Kwon Do: +1 Charge attack
Maneuvers: Kick Attack; Sweep

Elijah Bayashi – Renraku Ware Dealer; L2 C4
Inspector Tobias Gregson- Police Detective; L1 C3
Raven Shaddock – Mechanic/Armorer; L3 C2

Synaptic Booster 2
Pain Editor

Left Cyberarm: Armor 2, Body +4, STR +3, AGI +3 , Biomonitor
Right Cyberarm: Armor 2, Body +4, STR +3, AGI +4, Customized AGI 2
Left Raptor Cyberleg: Armor 2, Body +4, STR +3, AGI +3 , Capacity +3, Nanohive rating 1, internal air tank, cyberskates
Right Raptor Cyberleg: Armor 2, Body +4, STR +3, AGI +3 , Capacity +3, cyberskates, Large Smuggling Compartment
Cyber Torso: Armor 1, STR +3, Body +4

Armor: 20/22
FFBA Full-Body w/Chem protect 6, nonconductive 3
Bike Racing Helmet
Bike Racing Armor
Securetech Forearm Gaurds, Vitals Protector, Shin Gaurds, Leg and Arm Casings

Universal nantidotes rating 5
2x Frag Grenades
273x Stick-n-Shock
9x Spare Ammo Clips
Telescoping staff
Steyr TMP machine pistol (gas vents 3, personalized grip, heavy barrel, external top mount smartgun system, underbarrel foregrip)
Thundercloud Contrail (Racing Bike)

License for cyberbody; driving; bike; pistol; synaptic boosters; ammo;

Commlink: Metalink running Vector Xim (1/2/1/1)
Agent Rank 1, Anaylze 1, Browse 1, Command 1, Edit 1, Encrypt 1, Scan 1

Lifestyle: Street
Cost: 0 per month
Comforts: 1
Entertainment: 2
Necessities: 2
Neighborhood: 1
Security: 2
Negative qualities: Ambusher’s delight, Green Plan, Defective CHN, Worse Neighbors, Poor Condition, This isn’t Big Bob’s Auto


Character History

Samantha Powers was born as the only daughter of Michael Powers, CEO of a Rank A Corp. She was sickly at birth and all of her life, her health never improved. She remained weak and frail into adolescence. In her 18th year, a horrible automobile “accident” caused Samantha to lose both of her parents. Samantha had been in the car as well, but was not near the epicenter of the crash and managed to live. Due to her weak constitution, she required a near total body replacement with cybernetics. Samantha’s grief for the loss of her parents soon faded to the joy of being able to do all of the things that she had seen people do all of her life: run, jump, swim, climb and all other physical activities. Samantha got involved with sports, in particular Combat Biker, and quickly found herself coveting new and stronger parts to enjoy life even more. However, in her shortsightedness, she did not see that she used all of the money that her father had left to her. In order to continue to her lifestyle, Samantha obtained a loan from Renraku, who had purchased her father’s corporation right after his death. However, such a life is not sustainable and Samantha turned to the Shadows for sustenance under the guise of “Valk” (it’s short for Valkyrie).


Elijah Bayashi: Renraku Ware Dealer

Elijah is Middle-aged, second generation Japanese man who works for Renraku, but once worked for Samantha’s father. He provided the first cyber body for Samantha after the accident. Ever since, he has helped Valk get good discounts on new ware, which is a frequent affair. Elijah will also dispose of “spare cyberparts” for Valk at times.

Inspector Tobias Gregson: Detective for Scotland Yard

Valk and the Inspector have a tumultuous relationship. They met after Valk provided situational security in the East End when the Inspector was on a case. Since then, the Inspector contacts Valk with offers of freelance work. This relationship is kept on the downlow and Valk never comes onto cases for official business.

Raven Shaddock: Mechanic and Armorer

Raven is the mechanic for a Combat Biker team called The Bombers. He runs a (mostly) bike shop in the West End, but also stocks other gear for Combat Biker. The Bombers was the team that Valk spent the most time playing for. After she ran into financial trouble, however, Valk couldn’t afford to keep up the sport. Many members of the team have come and gone, but Raven has been a mainstay.


Valk’s lifestyle has been poor since she ran out of money. She signed a lease agreement for an apartment in the East End, but hasn’t actually seen the landlord. It isn’t a pretty place; the roof leaks and the CHN doesn’t quite work. There is no heat or air and the fridge and soy cooker are powered by solar power. At least the water flows, if it hasn’t frozen. It’s a square room with an old futon and a couple of metal lockers for storage or tables. There isn’t much crime though sometimes drunk men headed to or fro the bunraku parlor next door make passes at Valk. That’s better than when they come to the door thinking that her place is part of the bunraku parlor. Luckily Valk can just lock the deadbolts and the combination lock on her door to keep people out at night. Occasionally there’s a squatter, but they often “leave voluntarily” when Valk comes home.

Physical Description

Valk stands normally at abut 5’11" but can extend up to 6’5" if she stretches her cyberlegs. She often looks like she is crouching when she is standing. Otherwise, she is about the average size of a female ork, thick and sturdy. However, her head is itty bitty and dwarfed by the rest of her body. Her face is fairly gaunt and bony. Her skin is fairly light and she keeps her blonde hair kept cut short and spiky. Her eyes look normal except for the smartlink overlay. Valk doesn’t care much about clothing and has some shabby sets of clothing. Most of the time she just lives in her bike armor, save for sleeping. Her bike gear is a plain black with a light grey imprint of wing patterns over it.

Valk’s cyberlimbs are standard obvious models, save for her right cyberarm, which has a sleeker look than the other arm. Her cyberlegs are massive bits of machine, much large than her arms. They are shaped like raptor legs.

Samantha "Valk" Powers

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