Deutschland's dastardly destrier-riding dark knight

Physical Description

This man cuts an imposing figure, standing above two meters tall. Clad in menacing black armor from head to toe, he moves with an almost mechanical poise, but you can note the trained reflexes of an agile warrior somewhere behind all those power-assist servos and reinforced ballistic plating. His armor appears styled after the fashion of medieval knights, with lots of ornate fluting and contours along the breastplate, armets, and pauldrons. The man’s helmet lacks an obvious visor, instead jutting out from where the chin should be at a sharp angle before returning just as sharply to the brow of the helm, making the whole head look like that of a predatory fish or crocodile.

In addition to the ornate ridges and fluting on the armor, the armor is decorated with dozens of small pairs of hands etched into the finish; each hand is making an offensive gesture, and they seem to be gestures from multiple languages and cultures. In some places, foreign curse words are also scrawled into the armor’s surface.

The brute’s armor pales in comparison to the weapon he wields in his left hand, however— a massive two-handed sword, its blade a dull flat black metal without luster, but with an edge of brilliant blue steel. Runes of some kind have been stamped into the blade, and the sword’s ricasso is swathed in black fiber material. The sword’s crossguard is plain yet solid, but the pommel is oddly-shaped, an oblong metal cylinder that looks bolted on at the hilt.
The sword’s pommel looks as though it is not merely a counterweight- it’s a canister of some kind, built into the construction of the weapon.



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